Friday, September 12, 2003


kathy (dad's girlfriend but independent of him if she wants). we just LOST a thirty minute conversation. it was typed 'mostly' verbatum. your loss. we were here. and you were'nt.

kathy, about the dove hunt "oh my god, is this a prewitt deal or what, they all snore, you gotta love 'em. you just put the pillow over your head and go"

8 minutes of Kathy explains how my dad's cousin 'pepper' peppered her with buck shot.

snore's from the bedroom remind me of the beginning of the thing that we lost.

Kathy and Raymond Sr. smaaaoooching in the bedroom, 10 feet from me.

Kathy retorts, " Oh BULL, Ray, You're fixin' to set somebody on fire tonight" giggle.

Apparantly, " i am the pits"

we both don't think Raymond Sr. can't handle it.

we both love Raymond Sr. unconditionallly.

he doesn't know what he wants in his

you know what i love most about him, he loves to hunt, fish, etc.

if he loves that, he needs to enjoy that

you can't take that away

"don't you do this to me again computer, get a mac"

you've got to love somebody unconditional for themselves.

life is too short. (i'm sick of not HEARING this)

he litters and doesn't recycle.

i enjoy him.

i like to do more for him

and i think it hurts him

i think he has a problem with someone making him feel special

you want to do something that makes him feel special

and that's what's make me feel special

that's what it's all about

that's what life is all about

ray says 'this makes me happy'

kathy says "you know what the key life is, to hold somebody that you love, and you don't expect anything else out of them than someone to hold, and that's what life is all about."

"get them to hold you back"

"and that is the ultimate to life"

"and you don't want anything in return"

"because what you give you can't receive"

"and I have to go tee-tee"

"and your dad is goin'... it's a prewitt thing"

ray here, while kathy goes t.t. i'm listening to classic country on wireless speakers that todd (brother) and i fixed. i'm smoking kathy's (when will i be loved comes on) cigarettes. kathy come out of the master bedroom dancing to the song. kathy puts out my cigarette (she gave it to me so she has the right).

kathy shows me my blunt old ravaged cigarette (the second one i have blamed her for putting out tonight). george jones comes on.

kathy, "what are you writing?" 'the race is on' says george

"you're gonna kill me for this, but i'm love with your daddy"

i think to myself, i've been in love with him for 33 years. (kathy is watching me type this)

'don't think your dad can handle this'

five minutes while i tell kathy how cool she is.

time out, call blynch. patsy cline comes on.

she still calls him blanch and she love his shoes.

if nothing else she loves his shoes and she loves the fact that she..
his daddy is night night. ray and i are sitting here talking on the computer

you need to be here with pary crowd

load youass up, blanch you love a good challlenge, blanch just load youass up oh bulshit

there's no doubt in my mind that you're goin'

well get your ass down here

load it up buddy

imiss ya

here's ray

this is almost too much

kathy says, you aint going back tomorrow

b lynch says, i just wanted to hear her say

and 'i am shithoused'

'i want to be superdrunk'

kathy says 'he wants to come down'

blanch, come visit us

ray says, i can't type thi

blanch, 'would you ask him, 'would you like me to make you your favorite bananna'?

blanch, kiss my ass and the horse you rode in on

if you cant do it then you cant never do nothing

ok ill be right there

did we do your dad
birthdayt nice?

he's snoring

it was nice, it should've been

he's typing 899 to nugthin

i ai

9i; give you a dollar


money order


punch ray int he gut

paassin out

you dont have a hair on your ass if you dont give do

lets give you razor and let's go to g


no, we gonna

i cant

because im 3 hours

all you ahve to do is ahllu uour as

let me tell you this deal, sllepp, then com on


no, you gotta play gold

leave now,

suk it up bud

have you been drinkn heavily

ray? is tha bullshitt

hangin with beecca saddleer, and chuy

go sllep[ 30 hours then get up ant noon

lemme bo bed

get sleep and come on

party all


i thing he's in houston


dawgs in bed
s in houston

he got a flat


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