Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl Predictions

ah, The New England Patiorits and the who....oh yeah the Carolina kittens.
Who will walk away with an oversized ring full of pretty rocks.
predictions predictions....lets see. a bunch of drunking fools and some cheerleader squirel shots of TV.
millions of money going to the Houstink econcomy...will use shreedded Enron stocks for confeditty.
The first quarter will be a bore, but the commercials will kick ass.
The second quarter the panthers will shit in there own litter box.
and the wonderful halftime show......will go up in flames, due to the pyro team getting stoned and connecting the pyros wrong, shooting fireballs into the crowds, but lucky no one will be injured because everyone will be pissing and buy 10 dollar hotdogs, with no cheese, (what th fuck).
And they will continue to play football the third and fouth quarters.
Final score of the Game
Bud light 7 Budwiser 10
oh wait. New england 107 Carolina 1
1 point you ask, how can this be possible. Bush will enact the pariot act will result in a bonus 100 points for the New England Pariots. and reward Carolina one point due to accidental sniper fire from the Football land Security Act.
Real score. New England 24 Carolina 13 decided by a game winning field goal..........


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