Sunday, March 21, 2004

there ain't nobody

well... here it goes. another drunk derek blog that ain't too happy.
man, sometimes you need to talk to people that are just as drunk as you that also happen to be in the eaxact same place in life and you quickly find out it doesn't exist. it just doesn't exist. nobody is in the EXACT same place with the EXACT same blood-alcohol level. i don't know why. people can have the same blood-alcohol level bu they aren't gonna be in the exact same place (by place i mean state of mind). soemtimes you just wanna connect. and there ain;t no socket to connect to. that could totally be a sexual reference if you want it to be but in this case i ti ain't. whoever invented the word "ain't" rules. i wish Webster's would recognize it as a word. it gets the job done dammit.

anyway../// i'm sick of being a speck in the universe without no connection. i want to connect. if not for a year or two. just a simple fuckin' connection is alll i ask dammit. mayb e that is too much of a request. maybe i shouldn't be asking for anything anf just be grateful for being alive. i don't know anymore.

i set these thoughts out on a pl;ate for a random neighborhood mutt to come slurp up. like an oak tree waiting for lightning. fire burns up all the dead brush in the forrest. nutrients for the soil. right? maybe i'm a part of the fire generation. dead pincones and dry needles on the soil.

nonsense. whining. stand up and be normal damn it. work. sleep. eat. breathe. drive. think. drink. forget.

another pessimist at work. thank you. elvis has left the building.


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