Sunday, April 25, 2004

Casey's Here Bitches

That's right, I'm now an official Blogger.

I'd like to thank Texas beer for giving me the strength to overcome the many hurdles I've faced. We all know I couldn't have done it without help from the big guy. On countless occasions he's been the one that steered me strait when the path before me became fuzy. I couldn't have done it with out you Captain Morgan.

Some bastared already has the username casey. That's why I'm casey_deux. Learn it, Love it, Live it.


Thursday, April 22, 2004

I guess I win.
YHou totally cheated when you called this no boops.
Just thought I'd let you know/remember.


I might be done?

I don't get it

My bread, on the label, says "NO trans fat" What the fuck does that mean?
Think ahead next time. I still got plenty of beers.
Oh, and did I mention that I have a fifth of Woodford.
I win.

reallish blog

so it used to be wednes day when i started all this nonsense. colby has a mohawk for the 2nd timea and i'm jeaolus'. today sucked. like a 220v vacuum. i have lost all sense of what i'm doing here. i'm seriously thingking about what i'm going to do for a jeff foxworthy sketch show audiotn. where in the fuck is my freedom hat/.? the porllbelm is that i either left ti in a pub (that's brightish for bar) or fuck it cna someone ckeep the sun off my face while i decide some things.

guess what...

the store ahd ice. back to yu posey.
pansy bitch
i'm out of ice. bye.

Up yours blog

THe calendar won't load anymore.


I'm a me.


i'm a toilet

no booping

I'm on daylight drunks time.
Spring foward, or fall down.


MTV will make money off everything and anyone, so FUCK THeM.
I didn't mean the small e, but no backspace.
are we in a different time zone than us?

I wonder?

Do you think we made the newest post portion of the blog yet?

tiny ted

was mostly pissed off at tim. he desired turkey for 'christmas' too. wednesday was always the precocious meat fighting day. (im typing really slow) i'll sppeed up for posterity sake.**** ted kenw he would never make the gig STORY so he slunk off in the distance and invented the merry go wawsqe. he made tens of doolars while tim baskd the th glor y of surgery. MTV BOUTH it and mad e a hundred dollars. fuck you.


That was mean and I was lying.

Speakin of the end

I'm alomst tempted do remove a certain piece of tape cause you called the owl a duck.


That was rude. I will not resort to posting pictures.
I will tell you that this one guy on the way to OK had the best mullet ever and Casey got a picture of him from the passenger seat.

<----- blynch and the eye of his duck


You're it.

Once upon a time...

If you really want it

I once knew a duck. He was awesome. I mean it people, he is my favorite thing from my childhood. He was the only duck at the pond who seemed to understand "I'm not gonna hurt you." He would eat Wonder Bread out of my hand and everything. Really, best duck ever. I met him when I was 5 when my Grandfather took me to Fisher Pond for the first time. I miss my Poppy. Anyway, this duck and I remained friends for years. Until he got rabies and my cousin kicked him in the head. the end

HEY BLYNCH, tell me a story please.


I'll see that, and I'll raise you a Steve Gutenberg AND a Jon Cryer.

thai space time continuem blsshing tahs got to STOP

why did they take pictures of their feet? mmm.. eggs. gravy. zombie old people.

Wanna feel like a million bucks

Get drunk.
Watch Kung-Pow.
During Kung-Pow eat a Star Crunch.
If that doesn't work, hang out with Ray. They're equal.

Don't get me started

When I think of Ray, I think about great times and Texas...that includes chicken fried steak AND Luby's.bitches.

whenever i think of blynch

i don't think of california... and that makes me happy pappy.

i wish mean blynch on california

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

And scene

Once again, hooray for OKC.
I mean any place with a sausage phone and an actual Hamburglar must be OK.
Muchas gracias,
Sr. Blynch

wow {that makes no sense to me}

Saturday, April 17, 2004

for the book

the most beautful color in the world is the fleeting glimpse of a yellow light.

it's like discovering a font you love, and then force-using it on a project where it doesn't quite work

it's like discovering "force-use" is a new word, albeit an awkward one

your hamstrings are like the sisyphus muscle. kinda like making a bed

tailgate piano

practice for the sake of the practice, not results.

eavorite should be a word.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

long time blog, but only about movies

well the other night i watched a couple of movies and and have somethings to say about them
the first one being Air Force One, man i thought that movie was good. And i thought Ford was a good actor, but when i saw this movie again......after a long time of not seeing it I really think that is a shitty movie with terrible it sucked, i thought you were cool Harrison, but now i think twice......
The other one is a favorite - Congo man what a flick. what a script a talking gorrilla with a computer voice, and then go to Africa with some people with lots of guns, and then get attacked by a hippos on the river, and then gray gorrillas or in the words of the nice gorrilla "ugly gorrilla, ugly gorrilla" in that steven hawkins computer voice, man i laughed so hard, then there was the " latest thing in communications" and that was a diamond laser gun that chops off ugly gorrillas arms and stuff, then a volcano and earthquakes and lava and ugly gorillas jumping into the lava, and then an airballoon and after all that they throw the only diamond that they got over the side of the balloon...... man what a movie
thats it more later

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

i squinted up with half grin,

like a sandwich nip, tender bite, mostly tear. "he's not from here," heard my ears, my eyes the jealous blur. "he's from there." my instinct assured where she was pointing but wished it was towards space or for least sanity, the moon. fuck the moon. 'space', i thought with rippled thought thinking. "i'm going to call the police." she said calmly as if to get pizza delivered. i squinted my eyes, not in a wince, but to cogitate my my future. my my.

"i am the police," he said as if delivering said pizza. her eye got wide as pizza, the other blocked by an astringent wipie. "so much pizza," said my brain into itself. "he's technically on your property," his leaned-in eye going sized olive to pepperoni whilst nudging my fingers all the wayst from the sidewalk onto her condo patch. "those perriwinkles cost something."

"that is why i knocked. i can't do anything unless you complain," he nudged. "I Do Complain," blurt her sortof. and off to jail i went, still suffering my tortilla chip throat anxiety passout. where's the pill for that?

Thursday, April 08, 2004

fancy blog

i don't know if we're cool enough for this high class, fancy blog anymore. i feel like i need to be wearing a nice shirt to write on it. i'm afraid if i write on this blog i'll stain it.

where did all the blogs goa t

ode to jeff long

ooooooooooode to jeff long.
welcome to the perfect song.


canary fight. not to be confused with cannery fight.
salmon every wheres.

ooooooooooooooooooduh. to jeff long
bama was too small to fit him... rig it in.

baw dittta big ow a bowwek dk ddooo dkdo oo ooooo ddoo fooo fkd lepqelk aaaaaa boww widdda itttooo fow fiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bllllllllllllllllll... els and fisi's.

ode dee done.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


i was cleaning my backyard. epic mess. from the gathered up stories told by semi-scrupulous neighbors, the previous tenants in my house did not give a fuck. squalor. toilet pony. it's been a process, but i've slowly been able to get the house up to standards. not my standards, but standards. i mean, before i moved in, the landlord covered everything in the house in thick white paint and slapped the floor in sanitarium gray carpet. pain-ted EVERY-THING. sockets, switches, covers, fixtures. white is supposed to be virginal but you can see straight thru to this house's business. basement, untouched, just as Manson left it.

so last night i pondered (in between caterwauls from the accidently bricked in basement feline). what does it take to get to that point. the point where you are too lazy to let that cat out. i think it's kids. snot-nosed, shit-britched kids. or too many dogs. hmm, i must be sober.

Monday, April 05, 2004

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Friday, April 02, 2004

chingo ninyo

monkey boy, that is what i am. Or in the famous words of papa "little pig fucker"

out of retirement and back to work......................


Freak Out

I just had like a five minute freak out session that I wish I had on tape. I just yawned and I guess the left side of my jaw got dislocated or something cause it wouldn't shut. I was sitting on the couch with my mouth open just moaning trying to figure out how to close my mouth. After I finally got my mouth shut I couldn't stop laughing about it. Thought I'd share. I'm out BITCHES!

The wonderment of it all

Holy Shit, who is that ultra hot piece of ass you got in the corner over there?? Oh, wait, it's me!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

from martha kelly

'Member the year I went to the houseboat for July 4th and I asked you who was going and you said "everybody" and I said "who's everybody?" and you yelled "EVER-BUDDY!"

i love you buddies.