Sunday, August 29, 2004

I can't make it stop

For probably three weeks now I've two songs that won't leave my damn head. Any time I have a blank in my head I either hear Take a Walk by Urge Overkill or, and so that only those of you who know this band will laugh, a particularly famous song by Heatwave. There really is no reason that I can see for either one of them to be in my head yet they keep popping up.
I LOVE iTunes!!! I feel like it just gave me a present. It just formed a bond between Huey Lewis, Vines and Bonnie Tyler that I would have never imagined. I wish I could tape this portion of my world. Bonnie Tyler continues to sing about needing a hero, and I looked up to see that the end of Angus is on. Angus is totally fresh from the fight and larger than life. These two should meet.
I would finish this here, but I want to tell y'all what iTunes comes up with to follow Bonnie Tyler...this song is really repetative...NO FUCKING WAY iTunes needs more awards it just popped on Rockula by Los Straitjackets SWEET!!!
Ok I'm gonna think of somethingelse to say so that iT can suprise me one more time. Y'all know what I did last night in Vegas? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would totally be giving iT the eyes and thinking only about making out with it if iT was here. It followed up the last song with Freedom of 76 by WEEN (a blynch favorite). Anyway, I read an entire book last night. Friday night in Vegas spent reading. I think Vegas turned me weird. I quit smoking, I'm drinking about 70% less, I'm reading 3-4 books a week, and I'm watching a lot less tv. Alright I'm almost done, but one last iT that probably only Casey will appreciate, after that iT played Emily by Bowling for Soup.
ps iT also made me remember that I boght a Ma$e cd.
I rule.
And right as I start to close this Mark Safan's Win in the End from Teen Wolf comes on. I'm gonna win in the end that's for sure. I hope I had less than 3 spelling errors through all this beer and beer.


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