Sunday, October 31, 2004

I love this

I don't think I've ever seen a cat "mug" for the camera before. precious

Happy Halloween bitches!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

mexican americans love accordians
mexicans love The Bangles. theories?

is a queso icee from the mercado as gross as it sounds? nope, it's decent.
all floors are marble
in the mexico city
when it rains you dieeeeeee.
that last post reminded me that I haven't been to denny's in a while....peace out bitches.


I'd like to call it Gettin shit out da way...kind of.
The people who live above me got into an awesome Springer tupe fight, and I actually got see someone respond to the name "tiger."
Are you gonna be in la next week Ray? I know its early but I might need a place to crash...i could help you move puppets and 8tracks if need be. I haven't slept in like three days so tonight I dedcided to get hammered and see if that would put me down. nope. I just sent emails that i;ll be second guessing tommorow. Emails are better than vocie mails cause you get to see what you said not just see the time that you called. That is more wisdom than demi and emilo gave us. WOW...I made a bad wisdom joke. i rule. Wisdom is really not a good movie and the more I think about the chick in it may not have been demi...oh well. I wish I could make a joke about the Wraith but scharile heen rules. I'm out for a while.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

mexican radio

3 beatles followed by jim croce and topped with a-ha. good job.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

last night

i decided to go out and see what the nights had to offer here in mexico city. i take the metro to the fun part of town and immediately get asked for directions by a mexican guy that speaks as much english as i do spanish. i figure he is from out of town as well. (y'all think you know where this is going don't you?) my involuntary Texas manner's reflex caused me to immediately reach for my gringo pocket map in my back pocket. five minutes into broken spanish analog mapquest, he asks me for a hug. i say i have to meet friends. he says 'where?'. i reach in the vacinity of my ass and pull forth the address 109 lordes st. and start walking towards the 'club'. matt's dog 'Rocket' should take heeling lessons from this guy. we arrive at the closed down citibank office at 109 lordes. 'well, fuck me' i mumble to his delight. i explain that i must have gotten the address wrong so i call Derek in Oklahoma City to see which club they are at here in Mexico. Derek, do you want to take it from here?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lo Ciento Mexico

well folks, i got the weekend off in mexico. apparantly, my client doesn´t work on weekends..ever. i´ve decided to not be ´stuck'. went to the modern art museum today and lemme tell ya, a little earth tone clay jar cubism goes a long way. there were some very very cool paintings though. saw some frida and diego. walking down the paseo de reforma, there was a great photo exhibit about mexico city around 1850. the photos were amazing, though i found it interesting that not a lot has changed since then except i´m only paying $1.50 US per hour for high speed internet in the metro that only costs 20 cents each way. a security guard offered some 3-d glasses for a couple of the photos and then bummed a cigarette. sharing salem black labels and reaching out to touch blue-red fence donkeys is mexico at it´s finest. next stop, the anthropological museum. this place left nothing to the imagination. everything i never wanted to know about mexico was there. they say you cover 5k if you do the whole thing, i stopped at about 3. it was strangely reminiscent of those film strips in social studies in that marta and juan were always milling maize in every part of the country and in that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. highlight of the day... i bought a bottle of water and a lighter for a dollar thirty. gotta get back to hotel and clean up. gonna try a mexican antro and grab a few chupes tonight.

Friday, October 22, 2004

con carne

they are full on barbqueing outside the hangar right now for one of the partners birthdays. roadside stand style, just like in mexico, which is appropriate because i am in mexico city. i`m stuck here for the next week babysitting an airplane. okc, l.a., vegas, austin, okc, mexico city...all in three weeks. if it had not been for good friends, october would have been a complete shitter champion. time to go get my tapeworms on.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


i know blynch would've joined in on this if he was there.

for those of you that don't like or understand rock n' roll... dylan and damon just DEFINED it tonight.

i call this blog... rock n' roll bar brawl aka true friends.

it started with me walking into the hilo to see the twins' show. a dirty, stocky guy sitting next to the entrance immediately decided to talk shit to me for no reason. this guy wanted to fight. he was looking for an excuse the minute he walked in. confused by this (especially at the hilo) i smiled, waved to him, and walked on. when i got to the booth in the back of the room i explained my bizarre exchange with the twins. they were drunker than shit at the time.

immediately, they got up to perform their rock n roll show. right away, damon got on the mic and began talking shit to the guy in front of the whole bar. he changed the lyrics of their songs and tore the guy apart verbally. in fact, damon made fun of him so much that the guy decided to leave and come back with different clothes on so he wouldn't be recognized.

but that's just the beginning.

during "gotta gotta", the most popular song they play, dylan walked over to the guy during the musical breakdown, yelled, "don't you ever fuck with my friends again asshole," and FLIPPED his table (including all the drinks) over. dylan then proceeded to walk back on stage and continue playing the bass.

the guy, pissed and wet, slowly started walking to the stage to fight. dylan tossed his microphone to the ground, raised up the mic stand and walked towards the dude, ready to bash in his head. a shitload of people jumped in to separate them, and while this happened, a friend of damon's SMASHED a beer bottle over the guy's FACE.


What is ROCK N ROLL?
What is it?
That is rock n roll.
Playing your instrument, singing, talking shit, and fighting all at the same time.

that's fucking friendship, man.
thanks guys.
i hope that guy doesn't come back and murder you.
if he does, i'll take a bullet.

Monday, October 11, 2004

What step makes it so a dick never went in there again??

1. Make a firm commitment to save yourself for marriage from now on, and believe you can, because you can!
2. Stay away from people, places, things and situations that will make it hard for you to control yourself. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to avoid people who tempt or pressure us especially if it is someone we are attracted to or have already had sex with.
3. Avoid intense hugging, passionate kissing, and intimate touching (caressing of private parts with clothes on or off) which will lead to lustful thoughts and probably some kind of sexual activity.
4. Find non-physical ways to show your love and appreciation.
5. Remember that anyone can start over, including you! When you focus on commitment and self-discipline, you can control your desires and actions.

Friday, October 08, 2004

friday night lights

for those of you who are wondering why i've been full of lies about friday night lights. it's not me, i promise. cutting room floor. booted off imdb. but yahoo still recognizes. oh hollywood.

i luuuvvv l.a.

an enormous man jaywalked in front of me today. he was wearing exercise gear and a sweat band (to no avail). he literally stopped traffic while he lumbered across the busy part of franklin. i screeched to a halt to avoid hitting him and he flipped me off middle-aged Cartman style.

i am bloggin from a parking lot near Chris Chauncey's house. they don'ts haves thu innernet but there are hot spots all over l.a. i got the imac hooked up to an inverter and i'm stealin internet all over town while lookin for homes to squat in.

i sure do miss Oklahoma, and Derek, and Matt, and the Boeltes, and the Boones, and Red, and LD, and Jimmy, and Katie, and Vicky, and everyone in that darn town. i learned a lot while i was there, about myself, and about staying in school don't do drugs.

today i went to see april. not the month, but the lady that owns the castle where parts of 'last comic standing' was filmed. she and her son are looking for a 'handyman' in exchange for an apartment at the castle. these were the last two sentences spoken to me as i was leaving. 'we used to keep birds but the rats ate them' and 'you're not religious are you? cuz we shoot a lot of porn up here' i'm letting her know my decision tomorrow.

Monday, October 04, 2004


I love finding things I've lost more than once. I just found Dad's Boy. He's now at home next to a monkey in a fez and a picture of Derek declaring that he is the president of England. If only I could have the same luck with Sr.Boop.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ray Leaves

how do i begin this post?

well... ray prewitt has left oklahoma. wow. he just pulled out of the driveway not twenty minutes ago. i sat on the porch and played guitar for about ten minutes and found the sadness creeping in. i knew it was gonna happen.

i can honestly say that ray is a landmark in my life. never has an individual changed my life for the better to the degree that ray prewitt did. ray showed me what it is to really live. can you give a better gift than that? really, can you? before i was a hermit, locked up in my room, fearful of the world in a way i cannot explain. i don't know how, but ray showed me another perspective. i only spent two years with him and i have found happiness in places i never expected. i will carry what i learned from ray for the rest of my life.

so... thank you buddy and goodbye. i know this isn't goodbye forever, but, i'll miss looking through the studio door and seein' you there. sometimes a person's silent presence is enough to keep you going through the day. being insane is both a wonderful and torturous experience. it's good to be able to look up at your friends and see that they understand you, even when you're at your worst.

thanks for breaking my mold. it was getting stuffy in there.



i've been 'trying' to leave for 3 days now. too much comfort fun. bye oklahoma.