Wednesday, October 13, 2004


i know blynch would've joined in on this if he was there.

for those of you that don't like or understand rock n' roll... dylan and damon just DEFINED it tonight.

i call this blog... rock n' roll bar brawl aka true friends.

it started with me walking into the hilo to see the twins' show. a dirty, stocky guy sitting next to the entrance immediately decided to talk shit to me for no reason. this guy wanted to fight. he was looking for an excuse the minute he walked in. confused by this (especially at the hilo) i smiled, waved to him, and walked on. when i got to the booth in the back of the room i explained my bizarre exchange with the twins. they were drunker than shit at the time.

immediately, they got up to perform their rock n roll show. right away, damon got on the mic and began talking shit to the guy in front of the whole bar. he changed the lyrics of their songs and tore the guy apart verbally. in fact, damon made fun of him so much that the guy decided to leave and come back with different clothes on so he wouldn't be recognized.

but that's just the beginning.

during "gotta gotta", the most popular song they play, dylan walked over to the guy during the musical breakdown, yelled, "don't you ever fuck with my friends again asshole," and FLIPPED his table (including all the drinks) over. dylan then proceeded to walk back on stage and continue playing the bass.

the guy, pissed and wet, slowly started walking to the stage to fight. dylan tossed his microphone to the ground, raised up the mic stand and walked towards the dude, ready to bash in his head. a shitload of people jumped in to separate them, and while this happened, a friend of damon's SMASHED a beer bottle over the guy's FACE.


What is ROCK N ROLL?
What is it?
That is rock n roll.
Playing your instrument, singing, talking shit, and fighting all at the same time.

that's fucking friendship, man.
thanks guys.
i hope that guy doesn't come back and murder you.
if he does, i'll take a bullet.


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