Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Hey! I'm drunk! I never remember to post on thos thing when I'm drunk. That's the rule, right? Hey! It's not even eight on a Wednesday and I'm drunk. Why?


check it: I got fired today from a job I never had. How fucking hollywood is that? I ask you. I'ts seriously FUCKING HOLLYWOOD. It's so hollywod I'll just put an apostrophe wherever I fucking want.



Yeah, one year of working with a company on a pitch, only to be unceremoniously "dropped" from the project. Oh, they'll be pitching my story, but not with me in the room, because I don't 'GET IT.' Do you love it? I don't get MY OWN STORY. Ha!

I love LA.

(We love it!)

serioiusly, I feel so free. These people gave me boils, for reals, y'all.

I'm so happy. And fired! I got dropped from a project. And then it'll become next summer's indie blockbuster and I'll be that slut at Boardners, going, "I wrote that shit! Can I have a nickel? You're pretty. Anybody tell you you look like Nick Cage? Fuck me, would you?"

I can't WAIT!

Hey. This calls for more wine. Soon I should have some dinner, though. I'm sexier with food in me.

Who wants to marry me? STEE. Get over here, you lucky man. I just lost a job I never got paid for. I'M TALENTED.

Hey. It's November, bitches. Time to update your blog. Jesus Christ.

hey. i'm awesome.