Tuesday, May 03, 2005

semper fi\

semper fi ,, well do do it tell you die ...but if you got smoked turkey ,,welll syucka throw it on rye ... but the roootin toootin fella is bad but not yella so lets get down where the where we find the soundi am tired of dont's...i n eed a shellfish thjat says thin gs about sports scores from the future...then i would use my powers for evil for once...balloons and bikinis . ,., mullets and ex-girlfriends...times and divisions...if i were a circus i would be tyrtavellinfggfzs...like a long lost friend ... eggs and balloons and rules are for suckers johnny boy......???????reyt

type th9s way happy gfithsty that met sm jy fiteh no he llef tme ii watnneed a litlel asopai under atalkk slow smashhhh

9 indont apredicitnow oown ¨hnphnddoone tfit˙ tit

tthat s pealluminin
alliminuja hwt sl hoathand that lw˙t is thlilkske wå˙t kwhi ci sis lik qaunwjiij ddfkdont he ddsdrandomm lyh and yo uthing thwy dwbecaithat

spoinningiist eve¥ neow nand t˙en cuaz wher re off killeter snow sit on down tdownn dow let
s wqahtc˙ tis st¨per rockk

curl world that ls not spregnanet

h want s ss back specing
one eie¥d son of a boitch fna

letsl let i tbe

i wt˙ we we wer yoo

last time yo sat in my lap yu broke my windshield. tru ee storeie

some alssohole ss

we wer eatin burito s tof r of oor somthin

my winshile dbrodk udether pressure

then we wnet an bwoke up some peone;le

and all i saw was the debris of the partie holey shit i spelt drbirs righ t at al girl ekkkep it up chop silrloin chop pun h tha guys ¨wunder hiccup i no yo did not huhioccu mem ber

w˙en we piised off jkemremy to

coule i have osme warm gin


if you cna

do youahve any htin wark

the coldest
warm gin and warm women

the coldes

th coledest women

nigh tri[s

te coldest beer avalalbe

borrroiwiing this one

its at jammer


one of ther hi lo gallsess which is not m fault not my faulet noooo


re8ips by waty of day

oeepes the gin warm

we go t giner ale

io anna mix mis comse glass

taths the distandce

woen s gots the distandce

this aint o game

gownds gots so e milatgee

ownd discover the isecre to the fort

most people donwt tnow sth makes csererc

i'm pretty sure re dd owns gin

do yu have antging that plug si inn fo er her ethats LOUSdddd

gvme me that box amp.

tierd qitd


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