Saturday, June 18, 2005


okay, so you're only spupposed to post to this thing after drinking, right?

heeeeeyyyy, everybody. even you, blynch.

stee and i are saying hai.

Stee says: One of my eyes is open. The other one is not.

pamie says: wine tastes good.

stee say: i saw the cap'n from chips ... no, you have to capitalise. CHiPS. There you go. Today. I saw him. At a graduation... we sang the CHiPS theme song at him. But I don't think he recognized it.

pamie: we saw matthew lillard at dinner today. he's enormous. and scraggly. and he didn't say hi, which was weird, because w'eve had to look at him for years. he should at least say hi to everybody now, apolgizing in person.

stee: zzzzzzzzzzz.

pamie: let's go watch that bill hicks dvd. that'll be funny.

stee: zzzzzzzzzzzz.

pamie: aw, man.

stee: i got some m&m's,and i'm not oging to tell you where they are.

pamie: gross.

stee: not like that. huh-huh. heehehehehhe. uhhhhh. haaaHhahahahHHAAA.

pamie: hee. i likea m&m's. hee.

stee: hmmmmehheheh..

pamie: that's a good word.

stee: fuck the delete button.

pamie: word.
stee: hai.
pamie: hai.
stee: ray's gonna be sad he let us on his blog.
pomie: who's pomie?
stee: huhuuhuhhhehhheeuhh.
pamie: i'm awesome.
stee: let's make out.
pamie: yeah.
stee: ray's gonna get grossed out by that.
pamei: only if we're in his hot tub.
stee: i love you, pamei. don't tell pamie.
stee: i talked twice.
pamie: haaheeuhdh.
stee: you had a d in your laugh.
pamie: zzzzzzzzzzz.
stee: i'll hit send.
pamie: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbillhicks
henry kissinger: hello.
stee: why is henry kissinger in our house?
ray: hai.


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