Saturday, June 11, 2005

junk mail

Pearly Whites Teeth Whitening Kit

Want a Perly White Smile.?
whiter teeth in just two weeks

Want a professional quality teeth whitening,
But Dentists charges in excess of $300 for this product.

Now you can get-Pearly Whites,
which is the most powerful at-home teeth whitening system available for appox 10% of Market price, and is exactly the same system used in professional dental offices.

Spend a few minutes with us and discover how to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

As a bonus, we offer cash incentives for referring your friends and family to our product!
Get-Pearly Whites Today..

i might be in the best shape that i've been in since 24 gallons of jack a go (band name). wow, good pause, for me. i get hit on by weird peoples. all of a sudden i have choices. choices make for great sex. short/semi-extended (no-pun) sex. in the past few weeks, great sex. heaping portions of shallow teaspoons of great sex. gigantatron tittied women hit on me while enormatronically endowed men ponder the possibilities. every time i taste the grass thru the barbed wire... i made out with a goat shaped candle-donned cubicle moniker last evening. if i don't find remotely fascinating true love soon, call me slut. great. 1/3 life crisis' cross' fine.

can i please have a conversation where i don't tilt my head like a puppy dawg does tilt his head like does. will someone please set me free, or at least loosen my colllar. i know i made my own gawd darn collar out of catholicism and the fact that no matter what i wear i cannot get into okc's club mardi gras on days ending in y did i pay a cab to take me here i am on my own once again.

if you agree, type madison 13402- eleven. i miss us. banana banana banana*

* blynch**
** gwen +s

can i please get kickied into jimmie's egg


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