Sunday, July 31, 2005

I think its funny

Ween Radio recently changed the way their name appears in the iTunes info box. Where it used to say "WeenRadio" it now says "WeenRadio High."
also HELP! Wasn't there a movie in the 80's that played Spandau Ballet's True like over and over? Please help.Please.

bIg mexican ideaas!

swhy isnt there a mexican dish called the pinata? it could be a big burritor filled with tacos and enchilidas and quesadillas ansd evberything else that['s texmex and delicioius. gold i love texmex. i could never eat healthy bhjecause i like cheese and chile con canre. i love them like ij love my women...covered inn cheese and chile con carne. i'm getting off the subject. the pianta would be a hit. i know it. when you can't think of what to order you just order the pinanrta because it's a little bit of everything. it would loolk like a fooltball.

im drunk at noon. didnt make it to the lake bnecause of red and jimmy's party. the hilo throujght a party last night because the charges were dropped.

Friday, July 29, 2005


your neighbors hate me. i stole todd's car and came to ring your door bell 8000000 million hundred times. a guy came out and said ' are you ringin the doorbell? ' i said 'yes'. my name is * (ask india) and i'm in love with india. can i have my phone before i go to TX. i'm such an idiot cerveza.



Thursday, July 28, 2005

Palindromes please

I'm going to think of as many palindromes as I can without using the internet.

1) racecar (that's my favorite one)
2) boob (wait, that's my favorite one)
3) eve
4) I (can a one letter word count as a palindrome? Probably not, but who am I to judge?)
5) pop
6) ACDCA (an unheard off metal band in the early 90s)
7) poop (hahahaha)
8) mom (isn't that sweet)
9) dad (yeah, I'm almost out of ideas)
10) DVD (can I really count acronyms? I don't see why the hell not)
11) Ah, Satan sees Natasha


Sunday, July 24, 2005

And here is a guest reading of said guest blog by 1996 regional creed speaking champion John-Scott

I suggest you click the link below, minimize and read along. booooyaaaaah!

pretty pony

Friday, July 22, 2005

guest blog

thanks to Mr. John-Scott for this lovely homage...

an ode to fancy catfish raymond. i was inspired buddy.

oh lord, my heart is cryin' whiskey.
and fancy catfish caught up some tears in m'eyes.
i can touch it,
i can sniff it,
i can rub it inta m'stomach,
but i caint get close enuff
to git ahold of 'em.

a spread eagled invite
don't make no difference from here.
for my legs is stiff 'n weak
some fleas, some copper and bad feets.
caint jetfly.

caint fight the 'lectric word box, neither
its powerful, musky, true,
got me lovin' long and hard
sticky and stiff
just like good wood glue.
just makes me wanna take off m'glove
reach out and touch you.


new years conversation

let's hgave a partyt so classy that we haeve non[0-alchoholic driks.

colby and ray i thingk ciraca jr brow dumping his wife

pudding messling ranch

iwish i had some poptarts
very near to ne
i just saw y9u counting hyh]

what iam i doing
its a good thing we were neer in combat

good life

can i have my big wheel with a sdide bar, that' s law yer talk

the ing you could pull up on the gijoe big wheel, the skitd bar bar

you typing givverish

let the crickets s do it

how much isthat is legible

alreight let's get seriouys

we totally traded clint for casey. great deal!

that['s the sun

taking a note from the President, Derek. we are blogging fpplside

currently listening to mah nah mah nah maaa thing by not the muppets, instead giorgio miroorserd guy

tell me about hte best hambuger, sya ray

burger peanut butter french fries

you've never had one says ray.

i want one say blynch

crinkle beer

can condom, kercheeseee

blynchs neck tries to cure his hurt neck by runnging a beer on it. yuve got to put it in you says ray.

need eggs and bacon and to brudsh mey teeth.. not in tath order

foutch pack of cigareetss, first pair of lungs

the guy who said oatmeal cookies didnt' have to be oatmeal lil debbies because T.B.C.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

an ACTUAL wish that came true

one night i dreamt that my jjob w was to be drunk, whilee sitting in my own hot tub, staring straight up at a sky littered withstars. i dreaemt that was my job.

anmd tonight...
my dream came true... thanks to bluje tooth.

that's right....... bluetooth wirless technology

using a bluetoothe wireless mouse, i can sit in the hot tub and edit shiotty local commercials for money.

i can dfo my work from my fucking HOT TOB.

i did that tonight and it wass amazin g. once i can affordd a video projector it wilol even b e bteettter.

holy shoit.

i found the amwrican dream. i found the american dream. i fuond the american dream.
i found the amwrican dream. i found the american dream. i fuond the american dream.
i found the amwrican dream. i found the american dream. i fuond the american dream.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Well here I go again on my own. Tackling a migdet I've never know on my own. I can' t believe I'm eatin' pizza solo. My thmub wrestlin' skills' are so good i'm even goin' to loose the journey song I've been singin'. But you're wastin' my time. I can't belive I have no chalanger. It's almost Friday. You guys SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK oh yeah.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Dear guy sitting next to me,

I'm so glad that you decided to "roll hard" in the library today. You have made my computer using experience so enjoyable. I love the fact that you have to say everything that pops into your head out loud. My favorite so far is "How you spell Los Angelos?" Your constant cussing and down talking to your "ho" has kept me entertained. I hope that you sing those same rap songs when you go to court, as I'm sure they will entertain the judge as much as they have entertained me.
Gotta go only have 27 secs left.
ps nice prison tats

Sunday, July 10, 2005

ties are pants with maps to your neck

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well well well, here we are. I am going to face it through this year. I said I'm gonna face it through this year.

I went to the park to siscover. My chigross are dead. I killed 'em on halloween. I said they're fuckin' dead.

WAIT WAIT, let's make his a pretty son.g