Thursday, August 18, 2005

i took too many

' i took too mayn', ' took jjst uenough' shey said while basking in her own obviousness. oh how it rained. i will name my new sopa line 'cascade' after how much it is raining. furthermore, there happened upon a low lying cloud. 'fog' deemed her. haldf the platinum i will give to charities, the other i will disperse umong the masses at catholic gchurch. 'g's' are just 'q's' without blinkers.

as far gestchded as this may sound, i am sane. she said A LOT. they are getting their nourishment. it will rain and reain and rain but no drowning. they'll have to find their own new dirt. or learn to float.

boredom is walls, he said redneckery.

OH MY FUCK , THE ROOSTER UNDERWARE JUST CROWED FROM A PLASTIC BOX. REALLY!@ back to the story. no, wiat. that battery has been for many yarears dammit years. it crows when ever i think , dammit when ever i dont' thingk. what is going should be coming. and here it is. where we are. where we've benn, et cet er a.

slight kickin in. dog bark finally makes me laugh. we'll see how long atht lasts.

meanwhile, back at my story....

getting up to chjeck the disturbance. sorry bout the backspace.

i was worried about garbage. garbage. who is making noise in my garbage? literacy is not real. don't laugh. just dont. i can or cannot type what ever i do or don t want ootoo i think.

how long have people been trying to make sendse? there has to have pbeen a point where consciencenouts 'fuck theat word' was relative to simple existence and not to verbal monotony (i know what i mean). i won't try to solve it now, but god dman is makein mye type. every on

chicken panyts are on a roll tonight. no beak, but a lot of chirpin' this is the part in my livfe where my old chicken pants make me run down sunset whe xxx wearing nothing but the pants that make me thingk.

fuck, where was i .?

oh yeah, can we go back to when we didn't make sense. get out of MY GARGBAGE!@.

CAN we go back to when we just hunted and gruneted, so making sense was not so compulsery. adn spelling too. i'm kinkdof sidk of worriing aobot being worried. worry woorrry.

still can't fly but ... dot dot dot ... dot. i had an ausnt name dot. she was so poor that i didn't cash her hight school graduation check.


one tube or roomate biscuits
one stainless steel pre-heat oven
one half empty, fully expired blackbery jelly stuff
albertsons honey bear, see a ove
too many

bake and swerve

haha, i actually typed that joke ight.

deeeeep braeath

stqrting to resent the afact that tim typng to you. no offense Tim.

starting to realize that ou arent real. ditto ou.

light i an

chicken underwear is REALLY CREEPING MY OUT!!! why now? why at this prticulary vulnaralbe time? why chicken underwear?

feeling s hurt. the best time in my livfe is making fun of the .. well betst time in my life. good fight. we winsome, we siwnsome. btw blych, sorry for moving your arrow, i really enjoyed seeing tath.

now i now , dammit

now i know what vincilble means, fuck


now, i know what vincible means. not that any one acan

not that

wait that was ok... not that anyone could EVEN get me right now. hahahah

except the wier d sprinklers. good job sprinkler noise.

btw... tractors..


yeah, that is sujust pure good.

ok, story, i had one.

super dooper looopey snooper

awesome, i have a spider knitting a we b across my fingers and fuck he's gone, he's back. ge. he just jumped from the 'g' in good job sprinkler noise' to the 'ge' in 'ge' which made my type dumb inthe first palsce.

you dumb fuck. you are only giojn to catch bad breath if you weave a web here.

i just stunned him with my bad breatch.

deepp breath.

this blog hasn't had a 'sad' pist in wawild, st i will bgo on as long as i can. typing with lizard hands. i can see thru the screen. spidder is weaving in 3d.

just figure d out that spider weaving in 3D mands that the spider is triangulating his we b off my HEAD. YEAS I FOUND TIME TO EMPHASIZE WITH CAPS WHILE A SPIDER CATCHES PRYEY USING GEOMETRY MY HEAD. iat least i am heliping. i am 6 somthengs from figureing out that typing isn't reall so you should just bear wth me.

olk, just figured it out. trying to stay with yall for staying wilth yalls skeea sake. introvertion on thing s that are'nt re all isnlt t healthy. CAN'T WAIT TO REEAD THIS TOMOROROW, JUST REALIZED THAT TOMORROW ISN'T REAL, MUST L DOWN.

too funny. this is not a competition. this is not a competiition.

picka atangent, any tangent. just then, a lime? fell on the roof? i'll call it a god apple.

persons with ADD don't haeve time to prara noid unless THEIR GOD DMANED CHICKEN UNDERWEAR FROM THE TASTAPASE SOUND S LIKE A CRYING BABY. that is poot timing.

thanks for tstingking with me. i f i don't lye down soon, well..

here we went, there we go, etc.

stuped etc. i hat e etc. it's such a lazy word.
is this happening?


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