Sunday, August 14, 2005


for every 0% pants ray, there is absolutely a 100% pants somebody else. tonight, it was peter. peter buys pants, wears them once, and then gives them away. tonight was white leopard print, dolce & gablah glah, awesome pants. yep, i said it. awesome. if i can lose 30 lbs., i will be the benefactor of awesome pants. then someone else will have to be 0% pants that guy. too bad i like bar-b-q more than i like 100% awesome pants. fat and pantsless it is. this story was brought to you by TODD OLDHAM PEOPLE!!!! old ham is so funny to me right now.

now here's what is scary. this baby is covered in delicious spaghetti.

there is no way in hell the lion would eat this spaghetti covered baby if he were offered this clean baby instead.

what the fuck lion? that baby is fucking spaghetti flavored but your not gonna eat it? ASS HOLE.