Tuesday, November 29, 2005


god bless bloggin.
it's good to know all us computer ownin' folk have a good talkin'-to-air tool.


bloggin' and bloggin'.

just bloggin' away.

i'm here.
i'm alive.

and i'm bloggin'.

bloggin' the time away.


feels good.

feels good to blog.

bloggin' 'bout bloggin' on da blogger.

bloggin' for compliments.

bloggin' for smiles.

"where's derek?"

"he's bloggin' "

"oh yeah? about what?"

"about you."


"just kidding."


"i was just joking."

"okay. what's he bloggin' 'bout then?"



"he's bloggin 'bout blogs."



"he owes me seventy dollars."

"for what?"

"for the blogs."


"2 minutes on a kinko's computer."


Thursday, November 17, 2005

sara's tree hippie toilet friend logic

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ive been blogging a lot lately...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

adult saw use

shit man.

i 've been building a deck the past few weeks.

that means i've been paying aroun d with various circular saws.

i've beend usinfg a standard table saw and a batter operate, portable circular saw.

i read so,mehwere, many years ago that circular saw whwere the cause of MOST constructioon accidents.

it's a good thing my dad hasn't been around to watch me use these circular saws because the number one thing out of his mouyth would be:


just spilled

a pork taamele all overr mey computer. i have to apologie for my alack of bloggin . poor lil period, someone bot you int the 2nf grade. ok. i've been too drunk to blong in recent days. had i bloggd , i . fuck exposition. f i gottaa eat another tamele, old on.

if i may..

start over.

corn husks are not napkindsd.. dammit. stupid d letter. thing. i know tamales are wrapped in corn husks for the temperatrure asthetic thinga ma hooo. but they are totaaly non absorbant,. don't get me wrong. huge fan of non-practidacality. but gyeehey. i need some bounty. even slow bounty. lazy towels . fine, bget me wrong. eys failin. bye.

Friday, November 04, 2005


i know people make fun of sprinkles....

but i can tyaste a difference between a donut with sprinkles and regular donut with icing. the donut with sprinkles tastes better. i can actually detect more "FUN" int he doniut with /sprinkles.

i prefer sprinkles/
an d not just for cosmetic reasons./

/for taste.

why does my finger like the forward slash button tonight?

my index fiunger keeps/ wandering over ther.

see? i did ti again.



we started a new game ton ight where EVVERY sip you take from your beer
must be prefaced with a toast.

we toasted about a million times tonight.

one of my last toasts was: "To America's Bears! God bless 'em!"\
and then dylan said withh all seriousnesss... "derek... Do you know we're running out of bears? i read it in a magazine. were running out pf bears."

i immmediiiately laughed out every toast.

my nose burns real bad.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

stupid me

I'm just thinking about something
In the middle ofo that Ii just had a good condersation with my good buddy ray. Ray is a good buddy.
I son't even remeber what I waws gonna blog about. I know it had to do with high shcool. but I dont' know why?
Let's watch the reruns.

I'm coming to OKC!

Ok I don't know when, but it must be sometime before March. I just found a movie that might be more suitable for the hot tub than Short Circuit 2. I'm really serious. WHERE'S JEFF!?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This one is old and pretty much only for Derek, but I thought of it today and giggled:
"Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody Cody."