Friday, February 17, 2006

i just spent five and one half hours typing an email that began as thus...

I was simply concerned for the welfare of this very important piece of paper.


Friday, February 10, 2006

some people react differently around extreme sickness. some let themselves be swallowed whole, Jonah style. some flee at the slightest sneeze.

i prefer the style of Great Uncle Jack. i've watched him hover like a bird of prey. trying to pit his 75 years against my Dad and his cancerous 62 years. he has never been one to let life pass silently. he once wrote a letter to a local jet charter instructing them not to rent to him anymore after one too many drunk vegas decisions. he has been strangely calm the past couple of years but i've noticed a certain somber spark when he's around sickly Dad. he circled, and circled, and paused, and circled. this was gonna be good. how was he gonna burst back into life? the suspense was... what? of course! he drove up in this today...

bentley continental flying spur. it's fun to watch a snippet of life being lived. but it's even better to watch the little marble snowball into a quarter million dollar shopping spree.

do you know how many movies i could make with that? eleven.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

drowny dumb

almost fell asleep in the hot tub.


theme song from "tales from the crypt" woke me up.

flashed back to middle school.

decided to go inside.

eat some act II.

look out

i'm with muffler knowin, welder weildin, Karla tonight. did a hit and run for $500 at mgm. bought us a couple o' drinks and left them at the bar. savin' up for tomorrow party. i promise i'll blog real good.

Karla went and got us cigarettes while i bought drinks. i said 'turkish silvers or camel anythings' She brought back camel filters. it's like sending the kid out for milk and getting back a glass of steak. i'll drink it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

fuck the world

why wasn't there a movie made in the 80's where burt reynolds and tom selleck are brothers that were switched at birth, one from a rich family and one from a poor? also, why isn't harry and the hendersons out on DVD? what is all this BULLSHIT?!