Thursday, April 20, 2006

be careful what you do for fun for free for ever

Friday, April 14, 2006

people love my shit

my el camino called. apparantly it was having too much fun and invited the rest of my shit to go party.

here's an email i just sent out...

Some of y'all I haven't spoken to in awhile so I sincerely apologize for this mass email. I just found out yesterday that the majority of my worldly possessions were stolen out of storage at 68th and Shartel. I am hoping y'all can be on the lookout for some of my stuff. If you've ever had a hankering to shop at a pawn shop or antique store, now's the time. I will be conducting the biggest Easter Egg hunt of my life this weekend. I am sending example pictures (not actual pictures) of some of the more unique items that may pop up around Oklahoma City. This is just a fraction of what is missing and if you see something around town that you think might belong to me, give me a holler and I'll go check it out. Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Thanks for reading this and I hope everyone is doing well.

Kind Regards,


The elephant foot stool has a burgundy leather top that is well worn with a distinct scratch down the middle. It should stand out in Oklahoma City. It belonged to my Grandfather and is the one thing i would desperately like to get back.

My payphone has a hand drawn picture of a shack and a goat and reads "Welcome to Ray and Todd's, now with free phone service".

My Emerson fan is NOT restored and is NOT polished, the cord is very old and cracked but the felt on the bottom is bright green, newish, and stands out on the un-restored fan.

The VCR is a JVC and i believe the model number is HR-S5902U and is unique in that it is a S-VHS VCR. I use it for pulling clips off of VHS tapes at the highest resolution possible. S-VHS vcrs are not very common at all.

The Dressmaker Zig Zag sewing machine has blue and red stripe stickers on the base and a Blair, OK police badge sticker.

The pistols are both Colts and are no longer made. They are not common guns and would stand out even to dealers. The revolver is a .22 Frontier Scout Single action with two-tone nickel and blue steel. It is exactly like the one in the picture and was in a leather holster. 

The semi-automatic is a Colt Mark IV .380 Government model and was in a blue plastic Colt carrying case.

the keyboard is an M-Audio Ozone USB/Midi keyboard. There aren't too many of these around Oklahoma either.

the guitar is an Ibanez with in a hard shell black case with black fuzzy lining. ok, this is a total longshot, but what the hell, here's a picture of one of a billion black guitars in OKC.

the violin is in a hard shell black case with brown fuzzy lining and an old gray shoulder strap. the bow has mother of pearl inlay on the frog (the thing on the bottom of the bow). I've had the violin for 25 years but it is in good shape and has a brand new bridge (the thing that holds the string up). The case is in fair shape and the material is coming off of the bow holders.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear Bad Decisions

We've grown to become the best of friends. Remember that time we spilled fresh nachos on our new T-Shirt and scared a small child. It's amamzing how hard a -3 month old can kick. Especially in Stilletos and a wife beater. Whatever happened to that guy consequences we heard so much about in middle school. Is he off building up his forces for a huge attack against our way of life. That's really scary.

Do You Take It (wmv)
Do You Take It (mov)

love always,