Thursday, August 31, 2006

if a butterfly flaps it's wings

and makes Nicole sneeze on Colby's Bar B Q which makes them fight which makes Colby move back into his room which makes Ray go back to Oklahoma which makes India go back to California which makes Katy go.. oh who am i kidding, butterflies aren't made of butter.

honestly though, when are all the turtles gonna do a shell shuffle? everyone should send M&Ms to the person in front of them. Nicole, i'm not sure why, but you have to send some to Katy. them's the rules. and tell Colby to stay out of his room.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

dearest booze,

sorry i left without saying goodbye? strep throat is fun. like pet throat stickers with switchblade hairs. i like my new desk and my co-workers are keen. i heard you were in Austin too? still friends? buddies? grab cigarette's balls and tell him to cough, ha ha, j/k. see you guys saturday or late friday. miss me.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

ob nox ious

this is why i dropped out of honors classes

i was always the spooky little forgot-to-brush-his-teeth kid. 'i think he excels at our way of thinking, let's try to nurture that.' 'no, he's retarded, look at his brow and scrunchy hands.' i finally just gave up. too lazy to perfect what somebody else expected me to perfect.

now it's my house. it's my lawn, but i stride the fence. i look at the neighbor's grass (not you Derek, but your lights are awesome). it's neatly trimmed. the bulbs are strewn, manicured, and administered as if 'better homes' and 'stuff' had a titty dancer gardener plant-off reality show-off. the grass is greener, but i'm stuck with an unpublishable Dr. Suess hedge/military haircut.

my life is GOOD. i have FUN. but not so much that i don't feel weird about brag-typing those words. i know that those sentences read like, "I have SO many porsches, I had to name TWO of them chad."

the next level of completeness is right the fuck in front of me and i stand ready to recycle it back into the comfortable 'easy' fun. mulch that mature fir tree into fodder for my easy fun stability.

the game is interesting, but 2006 is an honors class that i want to drop out of. i need regular math for awhile. stable, regular, no variable math.

unfortunately, the ceiling in my current house is painted and very flat. usually in the places i live, my upward looking couch view has a textured ceiling. remedial is comforting and patterenful. white trash astronomy. i need the ceiling where sometimes i can see Orion.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i couldn't resist. this link is interesting too...à_Mah_Nà

Manah Manah

carded at the pearly gates

every time i want to delve into this topic, dirty feet in community pudding overwhelms me. there is so much strangeness about. is it just easier for some of us? so much ick.

there is a new study into how certain people live so long. my personal goal is 65 give or take. 70 if i can give as much as i take.

they want to 'unravel' the secrets of why some families live so long. it's hoped that the results will help us all live longer. roaches.

i like booze. i don't like falling down, take care of me, me me me drunk.

i like old. i don't like falling down, take care of me, me me me old.

i don't need a study to tell me how to get older or the mostest oldestest.

quantity? really? again?

i get the whole yang thing. i get yanged by magoos on a daily basis and there are enough young 'ens yingin the fuck out of their own neighborhoods to make me want to yang myself.

i desperately want to understand my place. i think i have a clue. it's taken two stints in OKC to path it out. i'm not sprinting anymore and sometimes i saunter off the trail and nap by a bush. i ain't botherin nobody.

a good chunk of people don't love enough that it makes me want to fight. i'm goin' round again Eddy.

Friday, August 11, 2006

she's has a concrete brain
poured thick from a quarry
and a dually truck to carry
all the gravel in her eyes

gotta a shovel and a saw
with a diamond blade to cut it,
carve it shave it down to nothin'
and then sand 'er till she cries

beer saw
beer saw
i'm cuttin' off her head with a
beer saw
beer saw
cuttin' down the parts

beer saw
beer saw
don't wanna love an effigy,
a statue weighs a mountain
when it's standin' on your heart.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

impromptu dance party

it's the third one this week. i love my new permanent dance room

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

told ya

I'M Gonna make a bougquet outta jack daniels and fake flowers.  watch me..

who's driunker

rwh hrt doe rhw hwS

Monday, August 07, 2006

Did any of you guys get a phone call from Samuel L Jackson?

We did it!

I can't believe we made it yesterday. We should be proud of ourselves no matter how shitty we feel today becuase of it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I may have called it an early night tonight, but at least I got to hit Casey in the head with a baseball bat. And probably through osmosis I got a little better at math tonight.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello My name is Renee-I love my clirosis-as a long as someone knows what they're doing-that's what the important thing is. Someone must know what they're doing for it to be important!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My keyboard is still slick, buy my actions are still atill atill atill awssilla astilll still asssitll. It is WEDNESDAY now. I will be lieaveing for GERMANY in wenty-uhhhhh dyas. The Y key is staring me in the face because it sayus REDO REDO REDO what the hell does taht mena. the key just right of that one says UNDRLN that is not a mis-spelling. UNDRLN is what that key wants to convey to me. I'll UNDRLN if I want to.

I'd just like to say that if you happen to love such things as PASTE, BOLD, COPY, or NEW. I am sorry. I didn't know that you were rolling this hard this weekend.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The last time I hated pnants it was a thursday. I just dot aq new keyboard. It's smooooooth like sild. Silld fromt he guy who's people didn't know he was wearing clotheing. I feal like we have uno tono in commino. I'll only be living int his continent for 21 more days. Count DOWN>N>LN >LLN>N>NLOHJLN>N>. Sometimes I go on vacation. I love cations. things are the same |not SAME| when I get bach thoggh.

Don't ever ever ever read it back to yourself before pushing go.

up down up down right left right left B A B A SELEXT START.