Tuesday, November 28, 2006

whirled peace

ok, so we haven't been drunk blogging. i think we have just gotten scared that we might break some of our technology based on a few recent nights. i will try harder.

in the mean time. with less than 24 days left until global orgasm (the night of Thursday, December 21st at 1am Central Oklhaoma Texas Time), i have started to formulate a plan. it seems my first and foremost concern is timing. the countdown timer on this page and on myspace is very exact and i want to be part of the earthquake, not an aftershock. by myself, i can get it done in about 2 minutes +/- 10 seconds. these are just 'maintenisms' though, not my best work. the best ones are almost always a joint venture. there is an amazing buildup comprised of an infinite number variables that lead up to the mind blower. not the easiest thing to predict, time, or practice considering the ultimate gasm requires a considerable amount of mutual chemistry that i am currently in short supply of. it's also like having cable installed (shut-up Matt) without a three hour window, neither one of you will be on time. so i think i'm down to fuckbuddies, neither of which any of you know so don't go digging.

i'm trying to figure out the length of time to wait between orgasms. obviously, they are better if you wait a few days in between. i have three weeks to figure this out. i'm gonna try every day for a week, then once every three days, then figure out from there. i suppose i could just stop all together but who are we kidding?

then there's porn. i need to find one i like then not watch it again until the big day. my new excuse for not going out is 'research'.

so here's what i got..

practice practice practice
the 19 or the 24 year old fuckbuddy? (jealous much) would like to have both but i might get left out.
find a porn.
music? maybe something with one of them there kreeshendows?

hope this helps some of y'all plan. please feel free to give any advice. remember this is for a good cause.

also, if anyone can tell me why the Hawthorne Effect might affect my results, we might have chemistry. give me a shout or just come over. we have a lot of important work to do.

Monday, November 27, 2006

i beat the gay channel

if any real dj is reading this they are probably gonna laugh, but i did it. i get some of my music choices from newnownext on logo and i just saw mstrkrft on there for the first time. i found them in march for lunch lady at flipside. i know, it's dumb, but not to me. i think i have taste? i'm not looking for acknowledgement. i'm still gonna do what i want. but y'all are gonna suffer a little cuz television made me think i am way more right superly.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Sunday, November 12, 2006

"if ignorance is bliss, how did i make your retard cry."

"that outfit is the feces of stupidity after it eats too much wrong."

"you're such a black lacquer table, you're as fake as a beauty shop Nagle."

"this isn't change, i'm just shopping at a different walmart."

"life is addictive, where's the step program for that? star wipe."

Saturday, November 11, 2006

what should i try next?

i know the joy and pain of:

giving a shit.

N celebrity.



i can cry during soccer dog. sea changes is amatuer.

i'm fishing for logic using topwater sanity.
anybody biting?

i ain't skeered. what should i try? i want to handle it. thickest softest leather.

are we fucking with we?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

soul medicine

thanks matt

you can play them all at the same time.