Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dammitray Pure Premium

Lots of Pulp Fun combines fresh squeezed taste with lots of pulp for that fresh Life experience. Enjoy a glass, today!

been a little contemplative today, so the blog gets a double dose.

thought for awhile that maybe i'm having too much fun. Many of you that do not know me (and some that do not no me) would ask, "What the everliving fuck is that? Too much fun? What a dick."

i very much try to live on the strict standard of 'work hard, play hard'. take a smile, leave a smile. i've made some good changes in the past few months that have made for some long overdue solid footing. i'm well aware that i'll get some Sisyphus action down the line and then i'll have a little sissy fuss, but i don't think i'll ever let the rock roll back over me or slip too far down anymore.

life is good. maybe a little too much pulp. but damn, i like pulp and i'm having fun. i just have to make sure that it doesn't get so pulpy that i'm nibbling core or shoving entire apples in my mouth.

i have two memorials to attend this week. i didn't know these people very well, but they were very Important to people that are very Important to me. without being specific, these two people died because they didn't have enough pulp in their lives. maybe they had forgotten where to get it. maybe they always ran out because others kept taking it from them. maybe they forgot to water their tree. heck, sometimes people don't even pick the fruit that's right there on their tree. it just rots right before their eyes or they let the critters get it.

well, it's harvest season at the ol' Prewitt farm, and due to my Ag degree and a continuous feeding of bullshit, it's one hell of a crop. i've found a few others that are having decent returns. we're gonna keep squeezing every bit of Fun out of life. make some preserves to share. tastes better fresh though.

i'm not aware of any flavor of Fun that goes with grief. but hell, hugs are free. i'll just bring a shit ton of those. if either of you are reading this, my thoughts are with you and yours.

by the way, i spray for critters. you know who you are.

shhh. fruit don't talk. AHHHH! TALKING HONEYDEW!!


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