Tuesday, October 09, 2007

all hopped up on the juice

i just ate my first meal in 6 days.

Europe was a whirlwind, if that whirlwind was trapped in a tornado reeking landslides. i was so cruel to my body in my pursuit of all that is fun. Derek and i had two shots of absinthe one night, decided that two shots were way too much and they pushed us over the edge so the next night we did four. one night i bought five packs of cigarettes. i don't if i lost some or smoked them all or ate them. i do know i ripped the cover off an umbrella and made a smoking carousel out of half a pack. you get the picture.

so last wednesday i started this:

Nature's Secret Ultimate Fasting Cleanse

the first day was a preparation day and wasn't that bad. just juice, water, and about five cigarettes. my body was happy for the break. thursday morning was a little rough, but by the afternoon i was starting to feel oddly terrific. after that it was a walk in the park. sure, i had cravings and Pavlovian taco bell drive-bys, but i was never hungry. i even went out friday, saturday, and sunday. just drank the juices from the can. went to the gym friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. i couldn't believe my body was running on just juice, these little supplement pills, and the pills that go all Mr. Clean on your innards.

so for six days now, i have been caffeine, booze, cigarette, and FOOD free. yesterday i started cooking up a storm in preparation for today's first non-juice meal at lunch (ok, i ate lunch at 10:30, i was anxious). i boiled two chickens, made black beans and brown rice with the broth. made some chicken soup from the chickens and a chinese chicken salad. all of this while not sampling a single bite. it wasn't easy but it wasn't that hard either.

just now had a small portion of the chinese chicken salad. almost threw up. it was delicious, but i guess i need to ease back onto solids. weird. never in a million pizza days did i think ray prewitt would have to purposely ease back onto solids. if Salt Lick was in front of me right now, i would lose my membership in the CYPC. dammit, ray.

so if you need to hit your body's reset button....

anyone need anything from the liquor store?


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