Friday, December 28, 2007

help the Yelapans

During our Mexico stay we will be visiting a little village called Yelapa. They are in need of school supplies there and Jami, the German, and myself are going to carry some down in our check-in luggage. If any of you Oklahomans or Austinites have some things you want to send down, get 'em to me before the 3rd. Or if you feel like sending some down, here is some info from the teacher there.

Pegge Bastress, Dorado 103, Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico. If you are visiting Yelapa, you could look for me to make your donation, or call me at, 209-5172.

Packages with donated school supplies for the children may also be sent to the above address. Mark $0 value and "donativos para la escuela" on the customs slip. Smaller packages have a better chance of making it all the way to Yelapa, without the need of going to Vallarta to retrieve the package and pay duty.

On behalf of the parents and children, we send our appreciation and thanks.

Gracias, Pegge Bastress

Pegge Bastress,

Dorado 103,

Yelapa,Jalisco, Mexico

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

so scary, i might not even go

Derek has deep-ended (with floaties)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Derek Just Can't Stop

Saturday, December 08, 2007

oh how they sparkle

Derek has been hard at work promoting the semi-private Sparkle Farm Bad Sweater Christmas party. if you don't know where the Sparkle Farm is, sorry, you're not invited. here's some of his handy work.

i want to be just like me

it's Austin, 1999. Laura House, Anna Bartkowski, and myself are drinking Schlitz at Ginny's Little Longhorn the day before Laura and i report to wardrobe for "Where the Heart Is". In walks "wardrobe" snapping pictures of the locals like they'd never seen chicken shit bingo before. they did not recognize us. pretty much they were there to take pictures of us so that they could dress us like us for the movie. sure enough, come shooting day, Laura gets donned with a replica of Anna's anchor tatoo and i am cracking cans of Schlitz for 26 takes. they finally gave me a can of water because raymond was sporting a nice little buzz by take 10.

i showed up to wardrobe for "Brothers" an hour ago. it is like a Red Wing shoe store in there. ray heaven. they pull out a pair and say, "why don't you try these on and we'll see how they look." i politely respond, "i am already wearing those."

i am loving the hotel and surroundings. it's as if Juanny Appleseed crop dusted the area with all my favorite delicacies. i don't think i will have time to visit all of the taco stands. here was my first stop. great shredded beef and chicken tacos. the home made salsa was a little Pace-ey and not enough cilantro but all in all not bad for my first stop.

the hotel is also home to the Desert Moon Bar and Grill which houses the meetings for New Mexico's oldest Lions Club chapter. ought to be good for some decent people watching and a decent cold beer tonight.

if any of the three people that read this thing know any good nightlife around these parts, i am all ears. anything from dive bars to techno. i am game for anything but sports bars and applebee's. the producers were kind enough to rent me a car and i ain't got shit to do tomorrow except nurse a pre-approved hangover. pre-approved meaning my character shows up with a case of the beast. i love my job.

View From the Top

i just arrived at my hotel in Santa Fe. quick update before I'm off to wardrobe. since i'm just barely above dayplayer status i guess i can tell you they put me up in the lovely Holiday Inn. it's actually kind of nice. just past the storage units i can make out a JC Penny through the mist.

if any of you feel the need to stalk some bit actors, knock yourself out, i'm in room 319. if you are looking for the stars, they ain't here.

ok, i'm off so they can dress me like me รก la "Where the Heart Is"

more later.