Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ladieez Night

oh how i wish pictures of last night's festivities made it into a camera somewhere. Chris and myself let it all hang out when we met Courtney and Rebecca for "Ladies Night" at the Blue Note early yesterday evening... dressed as "ladies". much to our delight and the chagrin of the fellow male patrons, we did, in fact, drink free all night long. Chris, a.k.a. "Shelly" wore an a very apropos seaShell bikini, camo shorts, high heels, and black cher wig with the pony sticking through her "Mrs. Timberlake" trucker cap. I donned a leopard print cat suit with a platinum blonde bob wig, black lipstick, and pink feather trimmed dressing gown while answering to the name "Simoné" a.k.a. "Simon".

There are so many bars to conquer now.