Thursday, April 02, 2009

Subconscious Alzheimer's

So last night I run into this imaginary girl in my dreams on two occasions. The first time, I do not remember her name (because she is imaginary, right?). Well she thinks we have met before and I guess I vaguely recognize her or something. She tells me her name is Moe. I just assume that is how it is spelled. It is my brain, so I guess I can spell it however I want.

Here is where it gets complicated. I run into her again. I think for a second that it is my old friend Suzanne so I'm like, "Zanny!". She says, "No, I'm Moe." It sure was. It was Moe again. Shouldn't I have remembered that?

I mean, my brain clearly knows who 'Moe' is. It invented her. I have never had a 'Moe' in my life. Well, I guess now i do. But how could I forget the name of the thing I invented when I invented the thing and it's name?

and why would my brain embarrass me like that in front of my new friend Moe. Rude.